To SubServe and UnProtect: A Sonic Response

[guest curator / performer]

During the 2014, march in Ferguson, at the shooting site of Michael Brown, I was overcome with the idea to have a sonic response as a form of resistance to what was happening.  Later that night I performed, what has come to be called, To SubServe & UnProtect : A Sonic Response, to a room of family and friends for Black Lives Matter. The consists of dispatch samples, snippets from arrests and more, in which I perform a live musical  improvisational score.

Years later, with the continued corruption happening worldwide, especially in the USA , I felt it was necessary to continue sonically addressing these issues. 

October 2015 :  WORM : Rotterdam hosted a weekend Afrofuturism Now! Festival curated by Rahsheedah Philips of Afrofuturist Affair

October 2016 : Matatu Festival :  Oakland, Ca curated by Michael Orange

May 2017 : CTM Festival : Berlin (video below) for their Anger Fear Love themed event