AFTER... - Fhloston Paradigm

King Britt’s future forward project Fhloston Paradigm has been his focus since 2012. The inaugural full album of this project, The Phoenix, debuted on the dynamic label Hyperdub in 2014. Organically over the past five years, this project has seen various incarnations in prestigious places including the MoMA PS1 (NYC), MoCAD (Detroit), XOYO (London), and Womb (Japan). Fhloston Paradigm has also received humbling and beautiful reviews by respected press including The Wire, Pitchfork, and FactTV.

King Britt’s new album After... is the continuation of the story… ascension and polyrhythmic primal energy through unexpected process.

After... features guest appearances by Nosaj Thing, Ryat, Jacqueline
Constance, Moor Mother, Pia Ercole, Stephanie Yu, Alexa Barchini, Kate Faust, Petra, Puerto Rican
Space Program
and Tim Motzer.

Supreme Deity x Roland Aira x King Britt [free album]

This summer I was in Tokyo for the Do Over Anniversary, an LA party that my good friends started and I have been a resident for years now. While there, I had the urge to go to meet the creators of the new Aira synthesizer line for Roland. My friend, whom I still have yet to meet, Mr Gomi, set up the meeting.

So, as a fan and customer of Roland since 1984, I was absolutely geeked to be going. They greeted me and the main engineers came down from the factory as well to meet me and really pick my brain about the product.
I suggested doing an album exclusively using Roland Aira and older synths from the archives. They were excited!

The new gear is limitless since you can combine it with your computer and such. I however need to update my OS, so I was limited to the basics BUT that was a good thing. I focused on simple stripped down grooves and had a ball making the album!

Equipment used :
- Roland Aira MX 1 - for complete mix to Ableton
- Roland Aira TR-8 - for drums
- Roland Aira System 100-m - main drones and processing
- Roland Aira Scooper - added drone loops running into 100-m
- Roland JD 800 - lead synth in background
- Roland SH 101 - bass
- Roland JX 3P w/ PG200 - synths and textures

Produced and Mixed by King Britt at The Purple Room, Philly
Composed and Written by King Britt for Cosmic Lounge Music (ASCAP)

+ free download

Bring The Noise : Afrofuturism x Russolo revisit


Revisiting an event I curated called, Bring The Noise : Afrofuturism x Russolo at the <fidget> space in Philadelphia 11.9.13. This Important event laid the foundation for what blossomed into Moondance.

<fidget> space, run and operated by Peter Price and Megan Bridge, hosts an annual experimental music festival, which was focused around the Art of Noise Manifesto in 2013. They approached me to create an evening, celebrating Russolo in an Afrofuturist context.

+ the <fidget> space

Moondance : A Night In The Afrofuture at MoMA PS1 revisit

Revisting the groundbreaking event Moondance : A Night in the Afrofuture, that happened at MoMA PS1 in April 2014.  We can't forget the narratives being built.  I was honored to guest curate the whole event.  So thankful to Ursula Rucker, Hank Shocklee, Hprizm, Ras G, Shabazz Palaces, Mike Todd, Pia Ercole, Ytasha Womack and Dr Alondra Nelson.

Sponsored by Red Bull Studios

+ full website for the event